Have your website updated on a monthly basis. By purchasing this monthly deal, you will have 8-10 updates to your Wix or Shopify site.


The type of updates include:

  • Product or service update or addition
  • Adding a sale to the site with a banner
  • Updating the veribage to a page that already exists
  • Sending a email blast (only 3 are included)
  • Changing out any images
  • Adding new products to the store


The type of updates that are NOT included:

  • Creating a new website page
  • Changing the policys and terms and conditions


*disclaimer: EACH photo, product or service changed is considered an update.*

**disclaimer: you have 30 days, after the purchase date, to utilize your updates. Once the 31st day comes, the service has to be repurchased for a new month**

Monthly Website Update