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Starting a Business

Starting a business is a lot of work but in the end, as long as you are serious and determined, the work will be worth it. There is more to starting a business than just coming up with an idea one day and wanting to start a business. It is best to come up with a plan, strategy and implement the plan to make sure your business is successful. Many people do not sustain their business because they jump into it without doing the back end of the research and marketing. 

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With Branded by Glam, we want to help you not only start your business by guiding you into the right direction on how to get it started and how to market. But we want to help you create a business that can sustain the economy, as well as one that you will love enough to work on consistently. 

What do you need to start a business?

First Step 

Get Started

  1. Come up with the business idea and write out your plan

  2. Conduct research for the business 

    • Figure out a business name (research the name and make sure it is not trademarked and that you will have a domain name to it)

    • Determine your targeted audience (age, gender, profession, location of your ideal client)

    • Check out the competition to see what their price points are and what their customers are saying

    • Find out how much the business will cost to get started with products 

    • Create a price point to see how much profits the business can generate

    • Figure out the best ways to market the business

  3. Create a budget and get your finances in order

    • Filing legal document fees

    • Branding expenses

    • Figure out all expenses you will need to get started

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Second Step
Development and Admin Tasks

  1. Create an email address

  2. Get a business phone number

  3. Secure a business address (virtual or physical) (not PO Box unless it has a street name as the address)

  4. Purchase your domain name

  5. Develop your product or services (names, prices, descriptions)

  6. Create a marketing plan

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Third Step
Validate Your Business

  1. Validate your business with your state and county

  2. Register for an EIN with the IRS

  3. File your fictitious business name with your county 

  4. Publish the FBN (fictitious business name) in the local publication

  5. Register for a business license with your county

  6. Obtain an LLC (if needed)

  7. Obtain a sellers permit (if needed)

  8. Register your trademark (if needed)

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Fourth Step
Get Branded

  1. Get your logo designed

  2. Get professional pictures taken 

  3. Have your website designed

  4. Get your business cards and/or brochures made

  5. Brand your social media by creating highlights and templates for social media 

  6. Design social media flyers

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Fifth Step
Marketing your Business

  1. Online marketing

  2. Social media marketing

  3. Sponsor ads

    • Instagram​

    • Facebook

    • Twitter

    • Google

    • TikTok

    • YouTube

  4. Print marketing

    • Brochures​

    • Business cards

    • Promo cards

    • Flyers

    • Signs

  5. Network marketing

  6. Vendor Marketing, and more...

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Sixth Step
Building Business Credit

  1. Use your EIN

  2. Register your LLC

  3. Request a Dun & Bradstreet number

  4. Setup a NAV account

  5. Setup a Experian business credit account

  6. Find vendors and setup Net30 accounts

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